Oshkosh WI will be hosting their annual air show next August, and I’m strongly leaning toward going. This particular air show is called “EAA.” The tickets will be sold online, and one can learn more about it and what it has to offer through the various social media pages. These pages are updated very often to ensure that the information is relevant, and everyone can get a proper understanding of what is being offered.

Family Friendly

This particular air show is going to be family friendly. What this means is that children are welcome and it is safe for families to come. You can also bring your pets, as long as they are trained and you have the leash at hand. The event will also be having little events for children to help keep them busy and entertained. There will be activities like face painting, a little carnival, and even clowns to help keep the children happy and content throughout the entire show.

Years ago, they had a Stealth Bomber at the EAA show. Apparently they always have a surprise visit from some awesome aircraft, and I don’t know when I’d ever get the chance to see a Stealth Bomber fly overhead. My friend who writes for Natural Gas Media is thinking of going with me and the boys, and he said that local residents rent out their houses for a week which is cheaper than hotels which always sell out, so we’re thinking of looking into that.

Additional Activities

Other activities that will be present and that you can count on is that there will be a concert. This concert will support local singers. The idea is to promote talent that is local as well as entertain all of the guests and visitors that are going to be attending the show. There will also be stalls where local shops and business owners will set up. This is a great place to find clothing and local jewelry for affordable prices. These stalls will be an excellent way to promote businesses and for visitors to find some great deals to cash in on.

Typically, an air show in Oshkosh WI is busy, and parking gets taken up quickly. It is important you attend on time and purchase your tickets ahead of time. To learn more about it visit the social media sites.