My oldest son absolutely loves airplanes of all kinds, so we were thinking about putting together a birthday party for him that is focused around an airshow. Maybe picking a venue around one of the top air shows and then having a party nearby where the guests can then go to view the show and see all of the different planes.

The ultimate idea would be to try to have the party at the actual air show, but I am not sure what venues would allow that and if they had the facilities. This is a special birthday coming up for him within the next year and we want to be able to have something that will be truly memorable, not only for him, but for all of the guests.

I need to research where there are schedules for the most popular air shows that I can find online. We would be fine with having to travel out of state just to be able to make this party work for him. He is especially fond of a lot of the war planes and helicopters, so any ideas would help to make this air show birthday celebration one that he would remember for the rest of his lifetime.